Driving is Safe with Roadside Assistance

Subaru is providing its customers with the best service to make driving more fun and safe. This service is called Subaru roadside assistance that provides help for any mishaps that could happen on the road.

This service includes fuel delivery as well. If you are on the road and your car runs out of gas their service team would help you with this. Once you call them, they will immediately provide you with 10 liters of fuel. They will provide you fuel but you will have to pay for it at current pump prices.

Roadside Assistance

You can call them any time of the day and you will get help.

Sometimes it happens that you are locked out of your car or your key gets broken. It could also be a case that you lose your key. All these cases are very disturbing and you need immediate help to continue your journey. They will help you if this happens with you; their service person would reach you and get your out of this problem. But, before you get this service you need to sign a release of liability form.

If you are unable to drive your vehicle safely they will tow your vehicle to the nearest local authorized Subaru dealer. Also if your car’s tire gets punctured they will replace it with a spare tire. If your car’s battery is creating problems and you are unable to start your car, just one call could improve the situation. Their qualified technician would reach you and start the car with a battery booster or by other means.

This program covers almost every emergency condition that you could face on the road. It provides you with 24 hours, toll-free assistance. But, it is limited to 4 service incidents per membership year. They also provide some additional great service like connect feature. You can also get membership in Cross Country Perks; it is a nationwide discount program that allows easy saving on a list of quality brands, online retailers, leading stores, and others. This service is free and you don’t have to fill any forms.